Sweet Smoke – Darkness to Light

Sweet Smoke - Darkness to Light2

Artist: Sweet Smoke
Album: Darkness to Light
Year: 1973
Genre: Rock, Mystical, Progressive Rock

Today we bring you Sweet Smoke, a psychedelic jazz-rock band originally formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1967, which moved to Europe in 1969, performing in Germany, Holland and France until 1974 when they finally split up. Their music was influenced by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, John Coltrane or Frank Zappa among others.

Darkness to Light carries a lot of instrumental variety, from violin to flutes, through an exhibition of acoustic guitars, great percussion and sweet saxos. It reminds us to certain Floydian sounds. A hidden gem that will make your ears melt.

Dive in! Enjoy the good vibes.

Track listing

Side one

1.”Just An Empty Dream” – 4:20

2.”I’d Rather Burn Than Disappear” – 4:15

3.”Kundalini” – 13:25

Side two

1.”Believe Me My Friends” – 4:29

2.”Show Me The Way To The War” – 5:30

3.”Darkness To Light” – 12:51

Visit the band page for more: http://sweetsmokeband.com/


Please enjoy and share! ♥


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