Kaminanda – Gateways Of Consciousness

Kaminanda - Gateways Of Consciousness

Artist: Kaminanda
Album: Gateways of Consciousness
Year: 2012
Genre: Bouncy, adventurous, colourful, fearless, crystalline, sexy, ethno-infused Shamanic dub interlaced with Tantric Psy-hop…

This is how Kaminanda describes his music. We could also add: pineal music, mind expanding, soothing… and much more adjectives to express how Kaminanda makes us feel. The first time you listen to it will become a journey to your deep self, melodiously opening your senses, resonating inside Anahata, mind flowing through mystic corridors to oneness. From Yessence to As Above So Below, you will find pure inspiration. Creative beats and alchemical melodies to rise above the material dimension for more than one hour. And the best thing is that every time you listen to it, you discover new details and enjoy it like the first time.

Don’t miss the beautiful artwork! (Click on the album cover) And the rest of Kaminanda’s discography to go deeper…

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