Emancipator – Safe In the Steep Cliffs

Emancipator - Safe In the Steep Cliffs

Artist: Emancipator
Album: Safe In The Steep Cliffs
Year: 2010
Genre: Ethereal

Emancipator (Douglas Appling, New York City) is a very creative producer of a really lovely and unique music, easy to listen, clean, and delightful. Perfect for given moment, it will sure improve your mood. We share with you his 2010 album ‘Safe In The Steep Cliffs’, which is a must-listen, aswell as his other albums. On his own words:

‘Safe In The Steep Cliffs’ represents the tightest, most unique, most organic beats I’ve made in the last three years. This album has a new palette of sounds and samples from around the world, including more original recordings (guitar/violin/mandolin/banjo) and new guest artists including Japanese jazz musician Uyama Hiroto. It’s ominous and overgrown, dense and ethereal. And epic. Always epic.

Enjoy the uplifting vibes of Emancipator! Release yourself ♥

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Visit his Bandcamp 


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