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In this section we will bring you some great tunes for your delight, different kinds of music for any moment: chill out, jazz, ambient, rock, blues…

Music is a way to enhance consciousness and a useful tool for raising awareness. This is because we do not only listen to music with our ears, but we feel it with our whole body and soul.

Studies in music indicate that it is a natural healer. Proven to release dopamine responsible for pleasure, music shows promise in the treatment of mental and somatic illnesses. Similar research also suggest that it may be useful for patients with traumatic brain injury and as therapeutic intervention for problems associated with aging.


Music has a way of interacting with consciousness. For listeners, one’s state of mind may alter what one hears, and vice versa. For performers, the two-way interaction between mind and music becomes a real-time feedback loop, especially when multiple performers engage in extreme improvisation.

Just as people sometimes self-medicate for conditions such as depression, they also use music to self-regulate their emotional states. Conversely, the music that pops unbidden into your head can be an indicator of your emotional state, a window into the soul revealing content of which you may not have been consciously aware.

While music is commonly intended to affect the listener’s mood, compositions have also been designed specifically for the purpose of altering the listener’s consciousness. Indeed, entire musical genres (acid rock, trance, rave, etc.) have explored the interplay between mind and music.

Consciousness consists of a wide continuum of mental states, constantly changing in direction and focus. Music, like mind, is ephemeral, mercurial, always in motion, often flitting from one insubstantial thought to the next. Sometimes a single phrase can be evocative of a certain mental state.

Earl Vickers – Physics of Music class – 1977

Let’s get started!

Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers

Artist: Carbon Based Lifeforms
Song: Abiogenesis
Album: World Of Sleepers (Click here to listen to the whole album)
Year: 2006
Genre: Ambient

Carbon Based Lifeforms is an ambient music duo formed in 1996 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad. Their aim is to combine earth and space in their music. Daniel and Johannes use the combination of nature and technology as the main inspiration for their work. They like to represent both the positive and negative effects that this collaboration can lead to, including the negative impact that incorrect technology can have on the environment.

The lyrics for this song are: N = R· Fp · Ne · Fl · Fi · Fc · L  … wake up! 

Sound familiar? This is the Drake Equation, which we talked about on the post Are we alone?

Pretty cool isn’t it? 😉

We hope you enjoy this section!

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