The Smooth Life

Ask any vegan or vegetarian – the more plants you eat, the healthier you are. And when you bring the activity of juicing into the mix, you will see an even greater boost in overall health and wellness. If you aren’t juicing yet, then it’s time to start right now.

One great aspect of juicing is the ability to consume more than you normally would in an easy way. Let’s say you want some of the rich benefits of kale. You could serve some with your dinner tonight, getting about a half-cup of the greens, or you could add it to your blender and get far more without feeling full. In addition, you could add some carrots, cucumbers and parsley and all of the benefits they offer.

As a morning meal replacement or a snack mid-day, a smoothie or juice can help you get your body in top condition.

Health Benefits of Juicing InfographicHealth benefits of juicing

You have two options when deciding to juice: using a juicer or a blender. I personally prefer a blender, as the “juices” become more smoothie-esque. When you use a juicer, you are missing out on much of the fiber found in the whole vegetables. In a smoothie, you get it all. Some people don’t like chunks or the thicker texture of a veggie smoothie, while some people love it. The bottom line is that both juices and smoothies are excellent for you and either will work.

Next, deciding what will go inside. Some say it’s best to separate your vegetables from your fruit. But, particularly to those new to juicing, an all-green veggie juice can be a little hard to take. Fruit supplies a little bit of natural sugar to make the juice more palatable.

When juicing, it’s good to very often choose a leafy green vegetable; this should be the foundation of your juice or smoothie. I like kale but again, it’s a really dark veggie and some prefer something a little smoother. Spinach is a great option too. Then, add what you like. Cucumbers offer great detoxifying benefits and plenty of water with little taste—they are a common addition to vegetable juices. Celery is another frequent fave. Herbs like cilantro and parsley are great additions that provide a clean, crisp flavor.

Great tutorial: how to make a green smoothie tasty every time

Get creative and have fun. Keep it organic when possible and add water, coconut water, or almond milk rather than prepared juices for any necessary liquid. Once you start juicing, you’ll find some favorite combinations in a short time and be reaping the many health benefits for the rest of your life. Great choice!

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2 responses to “The Smooth Life

  1. Hello ShoesOverBooze! Don’t be scared at all, as juicing will improve your life in every way. I was reluctant at first too, but I have been gradually adding juices and smoothies to my diet and it feels great. Start slowly, with moderation, using them as supplements, not substitutes. Here you have plenty of useful information to get you started in this satisfying way of nourishing yourself:
    Thank you for your comment!

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