Parallel Universes – Are They Real?

What if you’re not really you, but rather, “you all”? On the edge of space, buried in a black hole, or right on top of you, there could be an exact copy of yourself living a parallel reality where you’re realizing your wildest dreams, or your worst nightmares.

Now, game changing theories suggest that finding these alternative realities is no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction and that intelligent life in these worlds could be trying to send us messages.

freeman universes

Host Morgan Freeman takes us on a interesting journey through the endless posibilities that the concept of a Multiverse brings. What if we all had a hidden twin? A cosmic clone? As quantum physics takes on science fiction, Morgan Freeman poses the question “is there more than one of you?”.


Earth – a place we all know. But, this is an earth where dinosaurs terrorize mankind, or it could be another earth where Russia won the moon race, or another earth that could annihilate our own in the blink of an eye. Beyond the faintest star, at the bottom of a black hole, or hidden in higher dimensions, groundbreaking science now suggests there might be more than one version of reality. Are there parallel universes?

Watch it online here:



Source: Curiosity – Discovery 


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